Wedding DJ and Emcee

Music can make or break a wedding celebration. It is the heart and soul of the reception. A great DJ is able to send your guests home with happy hearts. Music sets the tone for your event. A good DJ creates a musical backdrop to your event setting the tone early in the reception.
A Variety of music is very important. Naturally you do not want your DJ to play certain selections but keep an open mind to having many different genres of music at your event. A good DJ will read your crowd and surprisingly play the right songs at the right time. For instance if the crowd gets tired a nice slow song should be introduced into the mix. Giving your guests time to catch their breath and get ready for the next memorable event.
Here at Jordan River Productions we are artists in our own right. We offer balanced and eclectic mixes of music. We are experienced Emcee's that will announce and host your most cherished moments. As entertainers we bring family and friends together creating laughter, love and interaction.
The Ceremony:
Jordan River Productions is able to provide the musical backdrop to your ceremony. Assisting in the Coordination and timed perfectly each moment will be perfectly attended to. We carry wireless hand held and lapel microphones for your officient. There are extra inputs on our sound system, thus if you have guest musicians that need support, we are there for them. 

It is important to work closely with your coordinators and hired vendors so all are on que before anything important happens. Choose from a variety of classical standards and love songs to play for your wedding ceremony. A typical Wedding Play list might include a prelude while your guests arrive and take their seats. Another musical motif for your bridal party, a processional for your grand entrance , interlude ( to punctuate special moments) , and a recessional played after the "kiss" ( as you and everyone files out) A postlude will provide a transition to cocktails)
A wedding takes a lot of time and energy. Here at JRP we assist in the planning of your wedding details. Providing advice and recommendations that can enhance to success of your event. With two decades of wedding experience our clients trust that we will work closely with them to create the style and elegance they request.
We help coordinate:
  • The Grand Entrance
  • Toasts
  • First Dance
  • Father / Daughter Dance
  • Bridal Party Dance
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Throw
  • Marriage Dance
  • Money Dance
  • Last Dance
Top Talent can get booked up to a year before the event. Call us now.


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