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Professional DJ Aaron Eeg

DJ Aaron Eeg was born in Minnesota and moved to the Bay Area when he was four years old. He grew up and attended school in South San Jose and became interested in business and education. During college, Aaron was an avid golfer and worked in catering at a few local golf courses. While working parties and weddings, he would meet a few talented djs including Mr. Jordan River who inspired him to become a professional dj and emcee. He studied business at Santa Clara University and is currently a teacher at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. 

Presently, Aaron continues to work as a professional dj and emcee going on 20 years of experience. He has performed hundreds of weddings and events at many venues all throughout the bay area. He is on a few preferred dj vendor lists including Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Foothill Club, and Hecker Pass Winery in Gilroy. When it is not wedding season, Aaron teaches business and technology classes to high school students. He has been a classroom teacher going on 20 years.
“I always love performing. I love to be a part of a team that creates fun and seamless events filled with excellent sets of music.” “To me the emcee part of an event is just as important as the smooth and fun music mixing.” “I feel that my education and career as an educator has helped me to become an effective emcee and communicator for the dj business.”
Aaron loves all different kinds of music and enjoys keeping up with what is new and hot.

He loves helping couples plan their big day and always works to be prepared, organized, and very conscientious to each client’s particular needs. 

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